Top 5 Independent Travel Blogs

Top 5/10 Lists — By Nicole Lerner on January 20, 2009 at 9:17 am
  1. Everything Everywhere. Gary Arndt sold his house, threw all his stuff in storage and hit the road armed with his laptop, camera and a few changes of clothing. He has one goal in mind, to travel around the world and, well, see everything, everywhere. He hasn’t looked back since March 2007. With a new photo posted every day, podcasts and Gary’s personal list of “Wonders of the World,” current travelers and cube monkeys alike are living vicariously through his adventures.
  2. Nomadic Matt. A self described twenty-something vagabond, Matt has been on the road regularly since 2005. His travel tips range from a five part series on teaching English overseas to finding cheap accommodations. Travel photos, video, guest posts and travel philosophy ramblings like his “Of Backpackers and Tourists” post keep his readers engaged and interested.
  3. Almost Fearless. Currently traveling in Central America, Christine Gilbert’s philosophy is “Quit your job. Travel the World.” Formerly a bored and unsatisfied manager in a large Fortune 500 Company, she’s taken travel writing and photography by storm and shares her tips and experiences with readers. She also blogs about budget travel in Europe at Europe Shoestring.
  4. Nerd’s Eye View. Seattle-based writer, Pam Mandel writes about travel topics from her love of Hawaii (she even plays the ukulele) to Austria (her husband is Austrian) to goings-on in Seattle. She’s got a unique voice and sense of humor and is philanthropic to boot. (See our post on Passports with Purpose.) She also blogs weekly about travel for Blogher as well as for World Hum.
  5. Travel Rants. Darren Cronian began writing Travel Rants in 2005 after a disappointing experience with a travel agency.  He’s been contributing controversial rants on all facets of the travel industry ever since. Check out his blog for some of the latest consumer travel content on the web.
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  • Keefer says:

    Am I allowed to add another bonus travel blog?

    Spot Cool Stuff: reviews of all sorts of unusual hotels, quirky restaurants and hidden-way destinations. Totally objective advice too.

  • Nicole Lerner says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Keefer, we’ll check it out.

  • Nancy D. Brown says:

    Thanks for the list, Nicole. As an independent travel blogger myself, I appreciate how much work these writers put into their blogs.

  • soultravelers3 says:

    Thanks for a great list! Loved the blogs that you picked. I must give extra kudos for the first 3 named because it is particularly hard to blog while constantly traveling as even finding decent internet connection can often be a chore.

    I have to say though, I am a little disappointed that you do not have one family travel blog on the list. Perhaps it does not suit your demographics, but families really do travel a lot! 😉

    I would hope, that if you did add a family travel blog, that you would pick ours since we are the only family traveling the world on an open ended world tour ( into our 3rd year now).

    I have read that 70% of families dream of extended travel and we give the how-to information as well as providing excellent travel content, tons of awesome photos and we have had 1.2 million views on our Youtube videos since we started them last February!

    All this while visiting 4 continents, 29 countries so far, mainly on land while homeschooling as we go and we take thousands of disadvantaged school kids with us virtually! 😉

  • Nicole Lerner says:

    Soultravelers3 – fear not, we do intend to include some family travel blogs. We decided they were important enough to have their own category! Stay tuned for our top 5 family blogs coming soon.

  • Serren says:

    I dont usually comment, but after reading through so much info I had to say thanks

  • John says:

    Gadling just profiled some great travel bloggers. I like this one:

  • Dalaman says:

    A fantastic read….very literate and informative. Many thanks….where is your RSS button ?


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