Pack it in, pack it out: 4,800 cubic inches of hard-core suitcase efficiency

Gear Guide — By NileGuide staff on January 22, 2009 at 10:49 am

THE PRODUCT: 2009 Burton Wheelie Sub Large Rolling Luggage


80 liters of packing space.That’s right – you can squeeze in all 80 of your favorite Sigg Water Bottles. Score.

Volume-enhancing cram zones. So you can fit your little sister in there. Or souvenirs. Your call.

Removable Laundry and toiletry bag. 3 bags in 1 so you can carry smaller versions of your stuff. Check out George Carlin’s take on stuff.

IXIOM skate wheel system and EVA/TPU back panel. Not sure what these acronyms mean? Work them into conversation anyway – people are sure to be impressed.

The ability to SEPARATE INTO 2 BAGS to help you beat airline weight restrictions. Yes. You heard me.

Awesome prints. Neon camo? Zebra print? Sign us up.


I bought this bag for a trip to Germany a while ago. Since then, it has weathered flights to San Antonio, Tahoe, Hawaii and Europe again (this time with my little sister). Not only is it still in great shape, but I have yet to get tired of the print, which is infinitely useful for spotting your suitcase on the luggage carousal.

The IXIOM skate wheel system is great – those are actual skateboarding wheels and they work better than any other rolling luggage I’ve ever had. Case in point: the suitcase had no problem being hauled around the Austrian Alps one night as we searched for the farmhouse our cousins were staying in. My aunt got scratched up after falling down a rocky slope, but my bag was fine.

Luggage is the kind of purchase you only want to make once, so if you’re in the market for a lumberjack of a suitcase (big, capable, cool in a retro-and-not-ashamed-of-it way), then do yourself a favor and buy one of these bad boys. Then tell me about and we can start a fan club.

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