A guide to Valentine’s Day gifts for the (gear) lover in your life

Gear Guide — By Alexi Ueltzen on February 12, 2009 at 12:56 pm

Flowers: Boring.
Chocolate: Boring.
Cards: Boring.
These presents: Exciting.
NileGuide’s resident Gear Junkies Tyler and Alexi have teamed up to bring you a list of unique Valentine’s Day gift suggestions for guys AND gals. Guaranteed to please, entertain and get you some.

Instead of lingerie, how about…

Red Union Suit Long Johns

Red Union Suit Long Johns

(For Him) Coldmaster Men’s Red Union Suit

It’s red. It’s underwear. It’s perfect for Valentine’s day. (Additional benefits below)

– Incredibly comfortable

– There’s a butt flap (yeah, I KNOW)

– If he pairs it with jeans and suspenders you’ll have your own lumberjack look-a-like around the house. Tell me I’m not the only one who fantasizes about this…

(For Her) Petzl Tikka Plus 4-LED Headlamp

Is lingerie and candles a little cliche? I’d say it never gets old, but for those mountain men and their hardcore ladies, think about getting a set of his and hers headlamps for a romp in the dark. With the lights off – and your spotlight on – who needs lingerie anyway?

Instead of candy hearts, how about…

Smith & Wesson Survival Black Camo Knife

Smith & Wesson Survival Black Camo Knife

(For Him) Smith & Wesson Survival Black Camo Knife Full Tang Homeland Security

Because he’s a man. Your man. And every man should have a giant…knife.

The Denali Tool Kit

The Denali Tool Kit

(For Her) The Denali Home Repair Tool Kit

Is there anything hotter than a girl who knows the difference between a flat head and a phillips? Probably not. Show her that you appreciate her ability to deal with tools with the Denali Tool Kit, 115 pieces of useful Valentine’s day affection she won’t forget in a long, long time.

Instead of a romantic dinner and a posh hotel suite, how about…

(For Him) Mountain House Lasagna and a CamelBak Rogue 70-Ounce Hydration Pack of red wine

For some instant romance, pack up a Mountain House Lasagna (serves 2) fill a Camelbak with red wine and hike your sweetie to a mountain top. You can gaze at the stars while you wait for the lasagna to congeal to the right consistency, and suck wine through the Camelbak tube ’til you can’t feel the cold anymore. Woo him further by discussing the merits of different multi tools and why Reservois Dogs is one of the greatest movies ever. He won’t be able to wait to rip off your hiking boots and fleece vest.

Elk 0 Degree Double Canvas Bag

Elk 0 Degree Double Canvas Bag

(For Her) Elk 0 Degree Double Canvas Bag

Who needs a hotel room when the great outdoors is, well, right outdoors? Snuggle up with her on the beach, under the trees in your backyard, in the cab of your truck…and make Valentine’s special in the Elk 0 Degree bag. Just try not to brag too much about all the money you’re saving by not getting a room at the Ritz.

If you want to make the night really special, consider wearing a union suit. We really can’t say enough good things about them.

The gear junkies, hard at work.

Tyler and Alexi are the resident gear junkies at NileGuide. Have a question about travel gear? Shoot the gear junkies an email at gearjunkies@nileguide.com.

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