A New Look and Feel for NileGuide

New Features, NileGuide Updates — By Josh Steinitz on February 24, 2009 at 10:32 am

I’m pleased to announce that NileGuide has launched the first phase of our new and improved site. Users will notice some big improvements, and we’re looking forward to getting feedback about what you like and don’t like, and how we can make the site even better at serving your trip planning needs. We know that it may be a bit strange to see part of the site with the new look and part of the site with old one, but rest assured, the new look will be fully rolled out soon.

To name just a few great enhancements, you’ll notice:

  • incredible new destination images on our Snapshot pages (for example, check out Moscow)
  • new pages dedicated to original neighborhood location information (for example, check out New York)
  • an upgraded search interface in which you can easily show or hide any preference filters you select (for example, check out our London hotels page)
  • a new section showing nearby points of interest for any item you’re viewing (for example, check out hotels, restaurants, and bars near the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco)

Lastly, we’ve launched our new tagline: “All You Need to Plan Your Perfect Trip.” This tagline is consistent with our mission: to be a one-stop-shop for custom trip planning, with everything you need to plan the trip that’s right for YOU, all under one roof.

Our goal with the new site was to make the user experience more intuitive, graphically compelling, and fun—we hope you enjoy!

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