A Perspective on This Week’s Top Digg Travel Stories (and a few others)

Top 5/10 Lists, Travel News — By Kirstin Hornby on April 3, 2009 at 4:49 pm

The top Digg travel stories over the last week, as usual, include a series unbelievable images.
Chicago Millenium Park

1. I particularly loved this Earth Hour imagery from Boston.com showing key landmarks before and after lights out. (4495 diggs)

2. The top story that is not a photo is AskMen.com’s Top 29: Best Cities to Live in if You’re a Guy. (993 diggs) Well, I’m not a guy, but top city reports are always fun, even if the criteria doesn’t apply to you whatsoever.  I think the real reason people read these (come on, admit it) is for the off chance that the city they currently live in makes it on the list, in which case they get to feel that sense of self satisfaction for having made such amazing life choices. In case you don’t feel like reading the whole article (or scrolling through 29 pages), here’s the spoiler: #29: Edinburgh, #2 Barcelona, #1 Chicago.

3. The World’s Greatest Destinations, found on National Geographic.com, nabbed the second article spot. (479 diggs)  National Geographic showcases the top 50 destinations with travel tips and personal essays. Not bad, but really just a series of mini travel guides.

4. The third article is Mint’s timely Why You Should Travel Now.  The name says it all. I think this article gained popularity because it gives people a good excuse to spend money they may or may not have. But the arguments are not bad… Even luxury resorts are offering deep discounts, or Two favorite destinations – Hawaii and Vegas – are at all-time low prices.

A few of my other favorite stories this week included  USA Today- ‘Today in the Sky Blog’s JetBlue worker Nods Off, Flies to Boston in Cargo Hold, just cause it’s kind of funny and you always wondered if that could happen. Thank goodness “the cargo bins on JetBlue planes are pressurized, which allowed (the man) to survive.” I was also excited to read in the Los Angeles Times that the Ban on Travel to Cuba may be lifted. And lastly, I can never pass up a good celebrity dish so I enjoyed Travel Post’s Celeb Check-in as I am now in-the-know for the most recent whereabouts of Brangelina (and you can be too with one click).

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