Adventures In Foodie Land: darkness, lasers, ninjas, and child labor

Around the World, Food Lovers — By NileGuide staff on April 13, 2009 at 12:32 pm

The word adventure, for most people, brings to mind visions of mountain climbing, safaris, rescuing damsels in distress, and Indiana Jones.  For me, I think FOOD.  Let’s face it, there are some places that (for better or for worse) require a certain sense of adventure to dine there.  Here are a few of NileGuide’s favorites:

Moto: In Chicago, the epicenter of the molecular gastronomy, Moto is the place to go for an adventure in food technology and what even qualifies as ‘food.’  Listed on the edible(!) menu are post-modern, multi-sensory concoctions by chef Homaro Cantu using mediums such as liquid nitrogen and Class IV lasers. Chili-Cheese Nachos as a dessert, made with chocolate and flash-frozen mango? Sounds like an adventure to me.

Nocti Vagus Dunkelrestaurant: Literally translating to ‘Darkrestaurant’, this Berlin restaurant is exactly that. To heighten the senses of taste and smell, elegant food is served by specially trained waitstaff in a totally dark dining room. To add to the adventure, Nocti Vagus Dunkelrestaurant regularly hosts musical performances.

Le Bec Fin: Philadelphia is home to a much-lauded mecca of French cuisine, Le Bec Fin. This is a restaurant frequented by foodies for faithfully created French delicacies featuring some seriously adventurous game; while they’re present on the menu, you don’t come here for any old chicken or beef. In any given season, enjoy crispy veal sweetbreads, guinea hen, escargots, Tasmanian salmon, tilefish, or spring rabbit.

Ninja: This spot on Hudson Street in NYC looks like an 18th century Japanese ninja castle. A maze-like place, Ninja takes a regular sushi dinner and turns it into an adventure of both time and space!

KinderKookKafe: You don’t have to speak Dutch to figure out what this Amsterdam spot is all about: the staff is entirely children.  Children over the age of five will serve dinner or high tea, not to mention cooking, bringing the bill, and bussing the tables!

Did I miss your favorite? Leave me a comment!

Photo by swanksalot / Creative Commons

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  • Greg says:

    Cool recommendations!

    Here’s my idea of adventurous eating though. 🙂


  • Victoria Gutierrez says:


    Thanks for the link! Some of those seem a little too adventurous even for me… count me out when it comes to the dog and bat!

  • Alexi says:

    “Adventures in Foodie Land”… I see this – and all these restaurants – as an adult version of Candyland.

    Player 1: “Another red square? I’m going to be stuck in the forest of grumpy waiters forever.”
    Player 2: “Yeah? Well, I just passed the Alice Waters-fall in the Garden of Gastronomy. Pwned.”
    Player 3: “I’m hungry.”

  • Adam says:

    I just might have to try the Le Bec Fin out..Sounds like some interesting food. They also have a pretty snazzy website..Looks like a pretty fine place.
    So many cool places..I was surprised to not find Atlanta on your list of places..
    The Varsity and Jr Varsity would be on my list.

  • Victoria says:

    @Adam- I love Atlanta (and definitely the Varsity)! We should add it to the site soon and when we do, I’ll be sure to do a feature on some of the great food finds there.


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