He Said, She Said: What To Drink While Abroad

Around the World, Food Lovers — By NileGuide staff on June 22, 2009 at 10:08 am

The war of the genders is alive and well, played out in bars across the globe.  The sweeter and prettier sex wants a drink that is, well, sweet and pretty (most of the time).  Men want to abide by ‘man laws’ even though, deep down, they actually want that pink hibiscus martini.  Here’s what he said, and what she said, about what to drink in these top nightlife destinations.

Pisco is the national drink in Peru, a brandy distilled from Quebranta grapes.  It can be aged in wood for a deeper flavor and color. This stuff is lethal: it does not taste as strong as it really is! Time for Pisco in Lima, Peru:

  • He said: “Forget the girly drinks. Leche de Tigre for me- the leftover ceviche juice mixed with a shot of Pisco at La Canta Rana.”
  • She said: “Of course I’m having the national drink: Pisco Sour. Pisco brandy, sugar, lime, and egg whites… the best is at Huaringas!”

Chic Sake and Shochu are the reigning liquors in Japan. Sake has gone from a more rustic wine to a serious drink, and Shochu has gone from an ‘old man’s’ drink to the hip thing to imbibe in Tokyo, Japan:

  • He said: “I’m looking for a quiet night with some top sake at Ryohana.”
  • She said: “Chu-hai for me! Lemon-flavored Shochu and soda in a can, cheaper than beer, with more alcohol and fewer calories!”

Most historians agree that rum originated in Barbados, with the oldest known rum distillery, Mount Gay. Drink as the locals do in Barbados:

  • He said: “Black (Extra Old rum) and Coke. I’ll grab a bottle of the rum at the Mount Gay Rum Tour!”
  • She said: “The Mount Gay Bar makes the best rum punch: one of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, and four of weak!”

Anyone who has ever taken a philosophy or art history class knows absinthe’s infamous history in Paris.  Outlawed in 1915 for the supposed hallucinatory side-effects of wormwood’s thujone chemical, absinthe has enjoyed a recent (yet highly regulated) return to bar culture. At least one variety can be found at most well-stocked cafes and bars in the city. Drink like Nietzche in Paris:

  • He said: “On the rocks, with water. None of that crazy fountain stuff.”
  • She said: “I want the whole ritual, with flames and sugar cubes and intricate spoons. Hotel Royal Fromentin and La Fee Verte do it best.”

Personally, myself and my male counterpart partake in the drink of California: California wine! What is your favorite destination’s signature drink?

Photo courtesy of alpha du centaure/Creative Commons
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  • Alexi says:

    A Radler from Germany (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radler). Beer + Lemonade never tastes so good as after a sunny day of hiking in the Alps.

    Or, a shot of Jeremiah Weed (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremiah_weed) in Texas. Especially appropriate on an Air Force Base…and if you’re feeling feisty.

  • Tyler Renaghan says:

    Scotch Scotch Scotch. 15 year Macallan please…just a splash of still spring water will do the trick.

  • Victoria Gutierrez says:

    @Tyler Renaghan, sounds lovely. Very manly!

  • Lauren says:

    I dispute the suggestion for Jeremiah Weed in Texas. If you’re in Texas, you gotta have a Shiner! (My mom’s homemade margaritas will also do the trick, but that’s reserved for us!)

    Out in California, the Syrah by Meyer Family Cellars is to die for!

    But, overall, I’m partial to the Pisco Sours down in Peru.. mmm mmm good!

  • Nicole Lerner says:

    In Buenos Aires, the drinks of choice in the clubs/bars are:

    Fernet and Coke
    Speed and Vodka (nope, not the drug, a Redbull-esque energy drink – but MUCH tastier)
    Quilmes beer

    I’m not a fan of Fernet, but you can’t go wrong with the other two.

  • Victoria Gutierrez says:

    @Lauren, what’s a Shiner? We’d love some insight into that. I’ve not tried Meyer’s Syrah, but will have to. And I’m a big Pisco Sour fan too… they’re a pretty big deal here in San Francisco and always a treat :)

    @Alexi, any desire to defend your Jeremiah Weed suggestion?

  • Victoria Gutierrez says:

    @Nicole, interesting! Fernet is starting to make its way around the bartending circles in SF. I’ll have to try it with coke… and speak in Spanish… and eat a big steak.

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