Vancouver, Meet Venus. Mars, meet Vancouver.

Vancouver/Whistler — By NileGuide staff on June 23, 2009 at 8:45 am

Summer has officially arrived early in Vancouver and the proof is in the pudding with temperatures soaring over 80F. Surrounded by masses of water, cool parks, swimming pools, shady trees and sunny patios – what’s a gal (or guy) to do?

7:30am – Girl wakes up in her Yaletown bedroom to a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver. After hemming and hawing for a few minutes in bed she decides to start her day off with a gentle jog around the Seawall.

7:30am – Nestled in his dark, comfy Gastown apartment, Boy hits snooze after a late night out watching the Game at Earl’s with the guys.

10:00am – Girl packs a light picnic, hops on her bike and heads to Second Beach in Stanley Park to meet up with friends. She spreads her blanket out, lathers on the SPF and basks blissfully in the sun.

“Ahhh…this is the life.” She smugly thinks to herself.

The only sweat these girls are working up is from the hot sunshine.

As they nibble on their picnic lunch, Girl thinks how lovely it would be to have a picnic with some attractive male on the beach and watch the sun set together. Ro-mantic.

11:00am – After three phone calls, two texts and one loud cruise ship blowing its horn, Boy finally gets out of bed. “What to do? What to do?” He mutters to himself.

Food. He needs food. Breakfast at Sophie’s Cosmic CafĂ© will hit the spot. Three phone calls and two texts later and Boy is out the door to meet up with friends. Over breakfast, the guys talk about what to do for the day.

“Beach volleyball?” Boy suggests. This idea goes down like a cold beer on a patio.

12:00pm Boy and friends grab a net over at Kits Beach and take on some strangers. Boy is working up a sweat (the manly kind where the beads of sweat practically grunt and scratch themselves) and a bit of an adrenaline rush – all in a competitive game of beach volleyball. The “scenery” at the beach isn’t all that bad either.

Kits Beach

Boy thinks to himself “This would be an awesome date, it wouldn’t cost a thing!”

4:00pm Girl decides to pack it in and spend the evening on the patio and heads over to Bridges Restaurant to catch the sunset. The ladies enjoy an evening of cocktails, good food and a good crowd before they get their groove on.

6:00pm After some serious games of volleyball, Boy and his buddies are in need of dinner and something to quench their thirst. Beer. Ice cold beer. Yaletown Brew Pub for dinner it is. They have an endless supply of fresh beer that they make in-house and they certainly won’t find delicate portions, served on little plates on the menu.

11:30pm After a full day of fun, Girl calls Boy and tells him that she and her friends are at Honey and that he should come.

11:45pm Boy shows up at Honey to meet Girl and they dance the night away.

Whether you’re an outdoorsy gal, a sports loving male or just a fun-loving person, Vancouver has got you covered and you can be sure to find something that puts both Venus and Mars in perfect alignment.

Photos courtesy of Natasha John
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  • Amy Widdowson says:

    Wow – the reference to Earl’s REALLY made me miss Western Canada! Love the inclusion of a jog along the seawall…


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