Talk Like a Local: Shark Alert

Talk Like a Local — By Alexi Ueltzen on August 5, 2009 at 9:01 am

It’s only fair: they’ll take you on a whale watching tour, teach you how to surf and help you catch a 30-pound swordfish to hang above your fireplace.

The least you can do is warn them when you see a shark. Read on for how to tell the locals that a big, carnivorous animal is headed their way.

Say “Look out, a shark!” in…

Spanish: Mirar por un tiburón!

German: Achten Sie, ein Hai!

French: Chercher un requin!

Norwegian: Se en hai!

Portuguese: Olhar um tubarão!

Say “My mistake, it was a bird.” in…

Spanish: Mi error fue que un pájaro.

German: Mein Fehler, war es ein Vogel.

French: Mon erreur a été d’un oiseau.

Norwegian: Min feil det var en fugl.

Portuguese: O meu erro, foi um pássaro.

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Shark photo by Candiche/Creative Commons;
Shark sign photo by Neeta Lind/Creative Commons

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