Friday Link Love: Surfing in South Africa, Great Whites and Perilous Cliffs

Travel Tips — By Nicole Lerner on August 7, 2009 at 3:54 pm

We’ve had a good run of Beach/Shark Week this week on the NileGuidance blog, and we weren’t the only ones to devote some coverage to Jaws, model-worthy beaches and the like. Check out these links for more:

Africa Travel Blog’s post on Surfing in South Africa – Best Surf Spots and Beaches for Beginners and Pros made us itch for a day in the Cape Town surf.

If you didn’t get enough Great White coverage, check out Matador Trip’s Face to Face with South Africa’s Great Whites.

Spot Cool Stuff has a great post up on 5 Amazing Towns on Perilous Cliffs.

This great photo of Kauai on Flickr has climbed the ranks on Digg.

Cape Town dive photo by Steve Weaver/Creative Commons
Tags: Cape Town, Kauai, South Africa, surfing


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