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Talk Like a Local — By Alexi Ueltzen on August 19, 2009 at 10:34 am

As our various technological gadgets (cell phones, GPS units, laptops, etc) become travel necessities rather than luxuries, it’s become equally important to be able to troubleshoot on the road – even in different countries. Read on for how to get tech support in some of the most common languages around the world.

“Computer” in

French: Ordinateur
Spanish: Ordenador
German: Computer
Chinese: 计 算 机 [jìsuànjī]
Italian: Computer

“Cell Phone” in

French: Téléphone cellulaire
Spanish: Teléfono celular
German: Handy
Chinese: 电 话 [diànhuà]
Italian: Cellulare

“Electrical outlet” in

French: Prise électrique
Spanish: Toma de corriente eléctrica
German: Steckdose
Chinese: 电 源 插 座 [diànyuán chāzuò]
Italian: Elettrica

“My _ is broken.” in

French: Mon _ est cassé
Spanish: Mi _ se rompe
German: Mein _ ist gebrochen
Chinese: 我 的 _ 坏 损 的 [wŏ de _ huàisŭn de]
Italian: Il mio è rotto _

Lastly, the most important (and universal) phrase: “Internet” in

French: Internet
Spanish: Internet
German: Internet
Chinese: 因 特 网 [yīntèwăng]
Italian: Internet

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