Trechies of the World, Unite!

Gear Guide — By Alexi Ueltzen on August 20, 2009 at 9:27 am

Before we begin, please see the simple equation below:

Travel + Tech = Trech

Trech + Gear-addicted-travelers = Trechies

Trechies = A NileGuide-coined term referring to people who talk about, use, drool over, NEED the latest technical travel equipment the world has to offer.

Read on for three of the slickest, most advanced, geeked-out travel gear on the market.

It’s not the future until you’re wearing a Voltaic Systems Solar-Powered Backpack. Yeah, you heard us.

You might think carrying 4.6 pounds of sunlight-converting solar panels on your back would get hot, but Voltaic Systems has put comfort at the forefront (okay, maybe not the forefront, but they didn’t forget about it) of their daypack’s design. Engineered to provide air flow as well as cushioning for laptops up to 15.5 inches, this backpack also features phone and music player pouch mounts, multiple cable conduits and adapters and an internal Li-Ion battery (required only until we figure out how to control the sun). Did we mention that those solar panels generate 4 full watts of power, and also serve as armor for the rest of the contents of the pack? Brand name: Radtech. We think so, too.

NileGuide To Go Iphone App

NileGuide To Go Iphone App

The future is all about making things easy. The iPhone wouldn’t be so impressive if it wasn’t also your go-to for email, music, GPS and light-saber fighting. The fact that there’s now a Kindle app means you can kiss heavy paperbacks goodbye. What else makes the iPhone the handkerchief-equivalent of the 21st century? The fact that you can now access sites like Forvo that tell you how to pronounce just about anything.  Plus, it’s an alarm clock. Just don’t forget your charger.

If there’s one thing the iPhone can’t do, it’s cut through a stale baguette (but when they invent the app for that, let us know, okay?). Last on our list of Trechie must-haves is the swiss army’s latest installment of their timeless knife: the Victorinox Presentation Pro. Along with the traditional blade, file, scissors and toothpick, it features a monstrous 32GB USB drive (that’s about double the file-storing capacity of the largest ipod) AND a laser pointer. The slighty-less ostentatious version has 16 GB and a flashlight. Your call.

Are you a Trechie who doesn’t see their favorite piece of travel gear on the list above? Maybe you have a dream-product someone has yet to invent. Either way, leave a comment and let us know.

And, as always: Live long and prosper.

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