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Kid-Friendly, Mexico — By NileGuide staff on August 25, 2009 at 7:43 am

Every family deserves a special vacation, and right now it’s impossible to resist a tropical escape to one of Mexico’s top-rated destinations, Puerto Vallarta – and at bargain prices! Uncertain economic times have the media encouraging travelers to head for their own backyard this summer for a “staycation,” but come on – you can do a lot better than that for your family, and save just as much!

Before you throw away those hard earned vacation days, think about Puerto Vallarta. With dozens of airline sales, you are sure to find a flight that meets your budget. While Summer in Puerto Vallarta is typically considered “off-season” with fewer tourists, this year is turning out to be very different.  The Swine Flu scare had a negative impact on tourism this Spring (though not a single case was reported near Puerto Vallarta), but the fun came roaring back in early Summer when families decided to take advantage of this year’s rock-bottom prices.

With many currencies strong against the peso, your vacation budget will go further than ever before. But, more importantly, hotels, restaurants, attractions and shops are responding to the renewed interest in summer tourism with eye-popping discounts and incentives.

Beaded art in Puerta Vallarta

While most of the big hotels offer excellent kids programs, this year you can afford to do it up right whether you choose a hotel with a kid’s program or not. Family tours are a bargain – Vallarta Adventures is offering summer discounts on zip-line tours, swimming with dolphins, day boat trips around the bay and more.

Have young children? Check out Magico Interactive, a special summer exhibit at the Galleria Vallartas; children aged two and under are admitted free while everyone else pays only 20 pesos (about 1.50 USD/1.08 EUR). Come see fantasies from the pages of your favorite fairy tales come to life. Delight in the talking animals that walk with you throughout the exhibit. You’ll even have a chance to sit at the feet of an armor-wearing shaman as he tells tales of people from other worlds. (The exhibit runs through September 16th and is open every day from 1 – 8 pm.)

Or visit the water park at SeaLife Park just 15 minutes north of the city. This is a full day of laughter and fun for the whole family as you zip down the slides, float away the afternoon on the lazy river, participate in the dolphin show and picnic on the lush grounds. It’s the perfect place for kids of all ages.

Older kids will love the city tour or a visit high up in the jungle to the movie set where “Predator” was filmed. And, of course, there is the fabulous stretch of sandy beach where the family can relax and frolic by the hour. Summer in Vallarta is fabulous – so come join us now while the bargains last.

[Photos credits: Feet in the Sand courtesy of jesse.millan / Creative Commons, Jaguar courtesy of Wonderlane / Creative Commons]

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  • JRinPV says:

    Incorrect, Magico Interactive is not at Galeria Pacifico it’s at Galerias Vallarta, a mall north of town, not a gallery at all.

  • Amy Widdowson says:

    Hello, JRinPV!
    Great catch – we linked to the wrong venue! The post has been edited to reflect your edit. Thanks for the comment!


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