Shboots and Trashion: Fashion Slang

Talk Like a Local — By Alexi Ueltzen on September 16, 2009 at 9:18 am

Spend fashion week in Milan and not only will your head be reeling from the fantastical clothes, the over-the-top makeup and the stick-thinness of the models, but also from the fashion slang you hear spewing from the attendees’ mouths. Read on for some words that will help you keep up with Anna Wintour in a conversation.

You know, just in case you bump into her.
Using recycled material for clothing. A favorite term of eco-chic bloggers.

Quite literally, the “Business Sarong,” or, Fiji’s answer to comfort in the workplace.

A 1090, for those of you not from the American South, is another name for a mullet (i.e., the haircut with 10 percent in front and 90 percent in the back).

Shoes and clothing that go seamlessly from the workplace to the gym, from sitting to skipping. From meetings to marching. From…

Coined in 2007, this term refers to loose, flowing silhouettes. See also: Baggy.

Short for “androgynous,” this term works for both clothing or models caught between the male and female aesthetic. This makes sense, when you consider the number of flat-chested women and makeup-wearing men that abound at fashion week.

Jersey Fringe Convertible
A shawl or throw-like article of clothing.
Made out of jersey.
With a fringe.

Also known as “shooties,” this footwear is a hybrid shoe and heeled boot, hitting at the ankle. Flattering on a very select portion of the population.

An unofficial acronym for Birth Control Glasses (i.e., really, really terrible frames). Not to be confused with BCBG the clothing brand. Or BC (British Columbia).

Utah Claw
A hairstyle popular in the 1980s, the “Utah Claw” refers to sky-high bangs, held in place with a combination of hairspray, teasing and hope.

Want a more exhaustive list? Check it out here.

Is there an obscure fashion term we left off the list? Please, please comment and let us know.

[Photos:  Utah Claw by; Trashion by; Androg by the sartorialist; BCG by OrigamiKid; Creative Commons]

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  • rachel says:

    i so wish i had a jersey fringe convertible to combat the blasting office air-conditioning. i can’t think of a better place to wear one!


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