Travel Cooking: When Sporks Don’t Cut It

Gear Guide — By Alexi Ueltzen on September 24, 2009 at 3:37 pm

Unfortunately, not every vacation or trip comes complete with adorable sidewalk cafes and markets bursting with local produce. Some come with “Don’t drink the water! Or eat the lettuce! Don’t even look at it!” warnings. Some come with meat hanging in butcher windows on a day when you just don’t feel like eating a species that you once called a pet. In other destinations (sorry, National Parks), there flat-out aren’t many choices.

For the foodie, this poses a serious dilemma. Luckily though, retail travel companies have been working hard to create products that allow you to experience the joys of homemade food…on the road. Some are more useful than others, but isn’t that the case with most things? Like iPhone apps? Or presidents?

Miss your panninis? Pick up a Camp Chef Cooking Iron.

Perfect for grilled cheese, Reubens and all hot-sandwich-related cravings, the Camp Chef Cooking Iron uses cast iron molds to hold and heat its contents; the cast iron quickly and evenly distributes heat, which makes it pretty much ideal for holding over a campfire. Wooden handles mean you don’t have to worry about packing oven mitts, and the ergonomic grip’s shape gives excellent control during sandwich-grilling. Because if there’s anything that can ruin a vacation, it’s a poorly toasted piece of bread.

Want to use utensils you know are clean? Grab one of RePEaT’s Bamboo Utensil Sets.

Complete with a knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks, RePEAT’s bamboo utensil kit is both sustainable and useful. Never worry about being caught without flatware again when you have this compact baby in your pack. What else makes this totally perfect for the traveler? Oh, that’s right: the handy carabiner on the back of the recycled-plastic case.

Need a way to get that Merlot from the bottle to your mouth? Throw in a GSI Outdoors Stainless Wine Goblet.

GSI’s stainless steel wine goblet is just that: A wine goblet. Made out of stainless steel. A little more durable than the traditional glass variety, this could be the perfect accessory for any trip to France. Or Napa. Or Vancouver. The bottom comes with a thin, grippy rubber lining that helps it stay balanced on tippy rocks, and the stem maintains temperature even when liquid in the cup is cold. GSI also makes martini glasses and champagne flutes, just in case you’re bringing that bottle of bubbly up the mountain with you.

Want to keep your leftovers from stinking up your suitcase? Nab Innate’s Stainless Steel Food container.

This container is more multi-tasking than a soccer mom. Its silicone lid a) doubles as a bowl, b) collapses flat for efficient packing and c) creates a secure seal around the container, locking in food and smells. The container retains its shape, and is spill-proof and microwave-safe. Throw one in for taking home leftovers or for the odd hotel-room snack. Or because you miss your mom.

Is there a travel-cooking related product you wish we had included? Leave a comment and let us know.

[Photo by dybarber/Creative Commons]

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  • Amy Widdowson says:

    That stainless steel wine goblet is CLUTCH. In college, we had the Polycarbonate Wine Glasses from Target, if only to prevent the dreaded ‘break the glass while washing in the dorm room sink”. Had nothing to do with traveling, but I like it when something doesn’t break 🙂

  • travel agent atlanta says:

    I’ve used the Camp Chef Cooking Iron before, it’s great! I actually had some of the best pizzas made with these things. Man I could go for one of those right now 🙂 hummm!!

  • Alonso Lindel says:

    This blog is impressive, any tips or tricks you recommend?


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