Manly Food: Put Some Hair On Your Chest!

Around the World, Food Lovers — By NileGuide staff on September 28, 2009 at 10:31 am

Manly food.  It’s an interesting assortment of spice, protein, and beer, with heavy doses of grunting and slurping.  Naturally, there are destinations that suit the ‘manly’ eater better than others.  Taking a manly man to France for wine and nibbles? To Palm Springs for a spa diet? Amsterdam for pancakes? I don’t think so! Here are the top manly food destinations, and how to eat your manliest in them.

  • Chicago- Beer, deep dish pizza, encased meats (read: sausages and hotdogs galore), and steaks called ‘tomahawks’? Sounds like a manly diet if there ever was one.  Chicagoans love their meat, and their beer, and they like to do them well.  Hit up a Cubs game, a steakhouse, or a hotdog stand. Then flex those biceps, you manly man, you.
  • Ireland- It’s the birthplace of Guinness and a lovely concoction called Shepherd’s Pie.  This isn’t some girly pie, but a manly pie: meat, potatoes, and only manly vegetables.  Knock back a meal like that, try out your best Irish brogue, and just ooze manliness.
  • Texas- Nothing says manly like eating something seriously spicy.  And the salsa in Texas is definitely not made in New York City! Hit San Antonio or any one of a number of manly spots in this state for barbecue, Tex-Mex, and all the spiciness your manliness needs.
  • Germany- Sausages. Beer. Oktoberfest. More sausages and beer.  Germany is practically the birthplace of manly eating! It’s so manly, in fact, that you can even wear leiderhosen and a feather in your cap while appearing to be the definition of all that is man.

Alright, men, what did I miss? Tell me your favorite manly destination and meal below!

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  • Whitney says:

    From pork knee (koleno), to sausage (klobasa), to battered-and-fried pork steaks (smazeny rizek), Czech food is serious stuff. You can even order bacon-stuffed dumplings fried in bacon fat. Plus, there’s the ever-present half-liter of beer.

    Russia can give CZ a run for its manly money though. Not only do they know how to make plain potatoes taste indescribably delicious, but a Russian meal is always pre-empted, eaten, and digested in conjunction with lots and lots of vodka.


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