Friends Don’t Let Friends Talk Like Bros: Man-speak for the Savvy Traveler

Talk Like a Local — By Alexi Ueltzen on September 30, 2009 at 7:47 am

The traveling Bro is a dangerous beast. He’s easy to spot by location (predominantly bars, tourist traps and crowded beaches) and look (dragon decals on clothing, lack of shirt, sunglasses worn at night), but is far more difficult to avoid. While outward appearance is an easy way to determine his “bro-ness,” this animal can be more accurately identified from his speech patterns. Because avoiding the ubiquitous Bro is essential for a positive travel experience, read on for a list of common bro-phrases and substitutes that real men can (and should) use.

And remember: should you spot one in a crowded nightclub or discount liquor store, don’t make eye contact. That is tantamount to asking the Bro to tell you about his favorite episode of Entourage.

For reals” (See also: “For realsies“)
Real men say “I agree.” Or “True.”

Yo,” “Holla” and “What up
Real men say “Hello.” Because it’s a real word.

Broski” and “Brah
Two common nicknames Bros have for one another. Real men say the actual names of the people they spend time with.

Real men say “Ladies,” “Women,” or “The fairer sex.”

“Let’s get wasted” (See also: “wastey-faced” and “wizz-asted“)
Real men say “Let’s grab a beer.”*
*Real men can also hold their alcohol.

Annoying contractions of commonly-used words:
“Totally” becomes “totes
“Ridiculous” becomes “ridic
“Favorite” becomes “fave” or even “favie
“Gnarly” becomes “gnar-gnar” (Why is it repeated? We have no idea.)
Real men can say an entire word.

Real men say “buddy.”

Real men say “Whoa!”

Real mean say “That’s fantastic!”

Real men say “That’s awful!”

Real men say “Hey, that’s not very cool.”

Do you have an unfortunate bro-encounter to tell us about? Did we leave an important bro-phrase off the list? Leave a comment and let us know. Or, if you want to keep learning, expand your brocabulary here.

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