The World’s Most Underrated Destinations

Around the World — By Nicole Lerner on December 23, 2009 at 4:29 pm

For those of you who follow our regular NileGuide 5 interview series, you know that for the last half year we’ve been interviewing noteworthy travel writers and bloggers about their best travel tips, weirdest experiences and most underrated destinations. Looking for a vacation inspiration in the new year? Head to one of these spots called out as most underrated by the experts who travel for a living!:

Colombia: “The people are incredibly friendly, and curious about foreigners who visit. The nightlife is exciting and diverse, the cultural heritage rich, and the cost of living low by Western standards.” – @rtwdave

Burma (Myanmar): “Every single person that visits Burma comes away profoundly affected. The raw beauty, mind-bending sights, fascinating (and wide-ranging) culture, and the total and absolute foreignness of it all hasn’t been matched by anywhere else I’ve seen in 45 countries.” – @leifpettersen

Belfast: “Belfast isn’t the prettiest city you’ll ever see, but what it lacks in physical aesthetics it makes up for with the looming presence of the heavy hand of recent history and super friendly locals.” – @DavidFarley

Bolivia: “”Those adventurous enough to make it to this landlocked country in South America are treated to an incredibly vibrant indigenous culture, jaw-dropping landscapes and awesome natural diversity.” – @everthenomad

Queens, New York: “It’s got great food, cheap(er) beer, and some fantastic skyline views across the East River – what’s not to like?” – @evaholland

Mexico City: “There’s the whole fascinating interior of the country waiting to be explored, and Mexico City is its pulsing, dynamic epicenter, a city that’s thoroughly modern and in touch with its history, all at the same time.” – @collazoprojects

Jamaica: “Jamaica is arguably the most naturally beautiful island in the Caribbean, it has unfailingly kind and friendly people, and its gorgeous luxury hotels are going for rock-bottom, recession rates.” – @OysterHotel‘s Will Begeny

Tasmania: “Such a beautiful state, and missed by so many Brits who seem to concentrate all of their time on visiting the likes of Sydney and Melbourne.” – @travelrants.

Brussels: “I love Brussels because of the great food (best steak and chips in the world), the crazy juxtaposed architecture (I did live in Holland for many years so perhaps my senses have been warped), great city parks, and of course, beer.” – @andrewghayes

Cambodia: “The people are great, and there’s a lot going on which makes it pretty interesting. Cambodia has this lawless, wild west feel to it- not in an unsafe way but just in a “anything can happen” way. It made for interesting experiences.” – @NomadicMatt

Pohnpei, Micronesia: “In addition to the stunning beauty of the island, it is also the home of Nan Modal, one of the true overlooked wonders of the world.” – @EverywhereTrip

Slovenia: “It’s a tiny country that’s easy to get around, but it has an incredibly diverse landscape. There are the glacial valleys with the super blue water in the west, lakes in the Julian Alps, the wine country of Maribor, old town Ljubljana, and a small sliver of coast on the Adriatic.” – @crankyflier

Puerto Rico: “Puerto Rico (and the Caribbean as a whole) doesn’t have to be about all-inclusive resorts that are devoid of culture. It’s a fascinating part of the world and, if you explore things on your own, you’ll find that it’s as amazing as locales much farther from home.” – @mikebarish

What’s your most underrated destination? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Lauren Quinn says:

    Great round up! Totally agree with Colombia and Mexico City.

  • Matt (Geeky Traveler) says:

    I’d like to throw Galway, Ireland into the mix.

    It’s overshadowed by Dublin, but has it’s own airport – maybe travel packages include a flight in/out of it.

    The city itself has a small town feel but big town conveniences. You have amazing destinations on that side of the island such as the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry and the Aran Islands (where they actually speak Gaelic instead of English as the first language).

    Outstanding dining, tons of history, and friendly people – which is why one would travel to Ireland in the first place.

  • James Clark says:

    Nice list. I would add Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia. It is the largest volcanic lake in the world and very few visitors there and in Sumatra in general.


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