Survivor Locations from Borneo to Panama

Around the World — By Molly McGonigle on January 11, 2010 at 4:01 pm

In the twentieth season, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains brings back 20 Survivor veterans in what is sure to be a treat for the fans on February 11th. For the past decade of Survivor’s success, the contestants have had two common personalities: heroes or villains. The contestants will be divided into two groups of heroes or villains based on integrity and courage or manipulation and deception respectively. Filmed in Samoa, the participants will battle in a one-of-a-kind contest to see who prevails.

Want to vacation like a Survivor? In honor of the twentieth season, we take a look back at some of the previous seasons’ locales. Here’s the skinny on the spots Survivor has chosen over the years:

Borneo (Season 1): Borneo is the third largest island in the world and home to three different countries. Visit and become mesmerized by some of the world’s oldest rainforests. Make sure to get a glance at an Orangutan and dip your feet into majestically clear water. For any avid divers, Borneo dives are considered the best in the world!

Kenya’s Shaba National Reserve (Season 3): Commonly referred to as the Born Free country, this natural reserve is the very definition of isolation. 45 minutes from Nairobi via air and a five hour road trip, this desert is abundant with wildlife and springs. Home to zebras, lions, elephants, gazelles, and giraffes, the Sheba National Reserve is sure to provide once-in-a-lifetime spottings.

Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia (Season 4): If desert, isolation, and no trees or houses in sight sounds appealing, then Nuku Hiva is the perfect place for you. Lack of proper roads and small villages, enhance the unchanged culture. Nuku Hiva offers great hiking trails, native art, and remarkable archaeological sites. Unless all you are doing is hiking, you might want to look into alternative spots to supplement your vacation.

Pearl Islands, Panama (Season 7, 8, 12): Located 40 miles southeast of Panama, the Pearl Islands consist of 200 islets sprinkled across the Gulf of Panama, but only a few are equipped with the amenities for travelers. Appeal to the wildlife explorer in you by looking at the pristine wildlife accessible at your fingertips with over 90 species of birds and 700 types of plants. And true to its name, oysters and their pearls are still abundant in the waters.

Yaxha National Park, Guatemala (Season 11): Perfect for an overnight visit, Yaxha, which means “Blue, Green Water” is the site of Mayan ruins. The ruins’ views are spectacular, and Central American wildlife is abundant.

The Cook Islands (Season 13): Cook Islands are the perfect place for someone in search of a deserted island. With 15 islands to explore and thousands of years of undisturbed culture, there are plenty of beaches and coral lagoons to keep you busy for days.

Fiji (Season 14): Adventure around the 300 islands by snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and surfing. Beneath the majestic waters lies endless amount of intricate coral eclectically colored and demeanored fish.

Whether one of these Survivor hotspots is your ideal vacation spot or not, one thing is clear-it definitely won’t be a relaxing time for the heroes and villains as they duke it out during this twentieth season.

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    I’m pumped for the next season of Survivor. For some reasons I have a feeling the heros are going to take the bad guys down! But maybe that’s cause my glass is always half full.

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