Workout Gear for Travelers: Suitcase-Sized Equipment

Gear Guide — By Alexi Ueltzen on February 11, 2010 at 10:57 am

To some, “vacation” means lying comatose on the beach, soaking up cancer-rays and collecting those tiny umbrellas that come in drinks. These people will eventually retire to Florida and wear pastels.

Others take their precious few days off to do things the human body was not designed for – free-climbing mountains, jumping off them, kayaking down waterfalls, eating poisonous things. These people will show up to work with casts, scars and stories that reference “bivouacking.”

Travelers who are neither complete slugs nor certifiably insane might want to engage in some light calisthenics during their time off without endangering their lives. Read on for some workout gear that actually fits in a suitcase:

For the Yoga-addict:

Yoga Paws. Because an entire yoga mat takes up valuable luggage real estate and prompts other travelers to refer to you as “that hippie.” (Don’t listen to them, they’re just jealous you can do the peacock feather pose). Basically gloves and slippers made of yoga-mat material, they provide the traction and cushion of a yoga mat without the bulk. They also double as a slick fashion statement. Check out their demo – the instructor’s real pretty.

For the Runner:

You’re easy – heck, you can get some anywhere! Just toss shoes, a watch and (if you’re slightly paranoid) a Handheld GPS Navigator and pepper spray into your luggage. Then go for a jog on the beach, down the street, through the casino, up the down escalator…wherever your fancy takes you.

For the Swimmer:

Most hotels have a pool (small, but it’ll get the job done), or maybe you’re vacationing by a lake or ocean. Along with the staples of suit, goggles and cap, you might want to throw in a Casio GW 400J watch. Here’s why:
– It vibrates. Set the timer for however long you want to swim and instead of listening for a tiny beep, you’ll feel the thing shake your wrist when the workout is over.
– It’s water resistant for 200 meters/600 feet. So yes, you can dive with this baby.
– It’s solar-powered. Solar cells around the watch’s face combined with sophisticated power-saving technology mean the watch can stay charged for up to 19 months with no light. All you midnight swimmers should be relieved.
– It comes with tide graphs and air and water thermometers, so you’ll know when to opt for a wetsuit, and when to throw in the towel. Pun intended.

For the Weight Lifter:

AquaBells! Sounds like a synchronized swim team from the 1940s, but AquaBells are really inflatable weights that, when filled with water, get heavier. And then work just like regular weights. Choose between dumbbells (the AquaBell’s rival team) or ankle weights. They’re even good for people who aren’t on vacation. Now business travelers who want to get some squats in pre-meeting can finally do so: [from the product description] “At last, a portable gym that fits into your briefcase!”

“What do you have in the briefcase there, Todd?”
“Oh, not much. Laptop. Pens. Some printouts for the presentation. You?”
“A binder, calculator, white-out and A PORTABLE GYM.”
“You’re still taking your meds, right?”

Or, inflate and then use them for an aqua aerobics set in the hotel pool. Lower impact, plus an opportunity to show off your toned bod. Don’t worry – those are probably stares of envy.

For the Cyclist:

Rent a bike.

Any good travel workout gear we left off the list? Excited to go purchase your first set of AquaBells? Leave a comment and let us know.

[Schwarzenegger photo byd_vdm]

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