Ryanair Markets New ‘Smokeless Cigarette’ to Customers

Travel News — By Jules Auger on March 22, 2010 at 5:04 pm

Smoking a cigarette on an airplane? No way, at least not since they were banned several decades ago when tobacco smoking stopped being sexy and glamorous. However, it seems heavy-smokers might find a way to sit back and relax, soaring 35,000 feet above ground level.

As of September 2009, the airline company Ryanair may become the smokers’ favorite new way to travel the globe. For the ‘reasonable’ price of 6 euros, or about $8.82, those inclined have been able to purchase packs of ‘smokeless’ cigarettes, paper tubes with a nicotine tab in the middle that mimics the effects of burnt tobacco.

In a survey taken by USA Today earlier that year, some 24,000 people expressed the desire to be able to smoke on airplanes as they cruise towards their respective destinations, and Ryanair took the initiative to make this possible for their commuters.

These cigarettes are as unconventional as they come. They are not lit, and instead provide a steady stream of nicotine to the user through a supply stored in the body of the cigarette. Named Similar, they are only available on Ryanair’s flights. Should this new form of smokeless tobacco pique someone’s curiosity, they can be mail ordered from similarshop.eu.

Known for its competitive tactics and unconventional methods of customer service, Ryanair continues to push the boundaries of airline behaviors. How has the public responded to this new addition to their services? Despite being a relatively new offer to its customers, it has garnered little controversy and most seem quite accepting of the new policy. Innovative as always, only time will tell what new trend Ryanair will pull out of its sleeves.

[Photos: taberandrew/Flickr; Similarshop.eu ]

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  • jake says:

    I have an ecig and smoke it all kinds of places smoking is banned… bars, planes, sporting events etc

  • vacations says:

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  • susan mcmurdo says:

    i really want 2 bye these can u get them through any shops or mail


    C’est tout à fait formidable cette invention de cigarette sans fumée. Je m’en sers tous les jours pour fumer moins.


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