Spring Breakers Warned: Airport Security Is On the Rise

Travel News — By Jules Auger on March 22, 2010 at 5:17 pm

It’s no secret – airport security is on the rise, and doing so more quickly than anyone could have ever predicted. Following the attempted terrorist attack last Christmas, spring break travelers should be ready to be subjected to any number of potentially invasive tactics to detect and apprehend potential terrorists and drug traffickers.

With any increase in security, however, comes a plethora of less-than-desirable consequences, one of which has plagued airports since their inception. Ever-lengthening security lines, the enemy of the common traveler, is becoming more and more loathed, especially as they grow to accommodate the newly adopted methods to ensure traveler safety and healthy international relations.

The United States has unquestionably taken this new security increase in its own hands. Across the nation as a whole, new body-imaging scanners have been implemented in 21 airports, and this should spread exponentially as up to 1,000 scanners are introduced nationwide by the end of 2010.

Despite their obvious benefits, these new methods of making safety a priority are not without their disadvantages. They have been called intrusive, as the new scanners show images considered far more revealing than most passengers would agree to have on display. Pat downs have also become a more common method of determining any ulterior motives passengers might have, something also considered invasive and at times unnecessary. Random checks have also been on the rise, in an attempt to make security methods less predictable and therefore more difficult to prepare for.

Airports have issued warnings, letting vacationers know to arrive earlier, up to 75 minutes ahead of time for domestic flights, and up to three hours ahead of time for international departures. With this in mind, voyagers should (hopefully) have no problem getting to their spring break destination but they better bring a book!

[Image: Paul Buckley]

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