Flying: From Friendly Skies to the Seventh Ring of Hell

Travel Style — By Peter Horan on March 25, 2010 at 1:48 pm

Many years ago Alaska Airlines ran a television commercial in which a passenger runs up and down the plane’s aisle begging for change for the coin slot on the lavatory door. At the time, it seemed hysterically funny because we all though “My Gosh, they’d never really do that.” That was then, this is now: with some airlines charging for water and a cup of coffee, it doesn’t seem far-fetched that they’ll eventually charge for pleasure of expelling those beverages too.

Seven Travel Perks That Used To Be Free“, from Investopedia, details some of the niceties that we, as travelers, have lost. Between add-on costs, longer lines, more erratic scheduling and everyone being jammed in more tightly we’ve taken a nose dive from the friendly skies to the seventh ring of hell.  Just yesterday I spent five hours jammed into a microscopic seat on American Airlines from Miami to San Francisco. I had newfound empathy for folks who are jammed in from side to side because I could barely fit my knees between my seat back and the seat in front of me. I am tallish (6’1″) but not that tall –  it shouldn’t be that painful to fly.

United Airlines has a service that I love–well, as much as anyone can love any airline– p.s. service between the west coast and New York.  The seats–even in coach–are comfortable and spacious. The business class seats (on an upgrade of course) are palatial. I may pay a little more for the seat but it’s cheaper than physical therapy for my knees and psychotherapy for flight rage.

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