Airport Body Scanning Violates Modesty

Travel News — By Molly McGonigle on March 30, 2010 at 9:08 am

A London Heathrow Airport employee plans to sue her bosses after she accidentally stepped into a full body x-ray system, reports the Daily Mail.

The employee, Jo Margetson, was unaware of naked photographs taken of her breasts by another security guard. Additionally, Margetson, is deeply disturbed by the lewd and negative comments this male employee made after taking these scans without her knowledge. Margeston is said to be completely traumatized and embarrassed by the situation and hopes to see a more conservative and intensive training program for the people in charge of the images of the scans.

After a few breaches in security earlier this year, airports across the world are stepping up their security measures via full body scans. These new x-ray machines take naked scans of passengers to ensure that travelers don’t have any weapons hidden on their person. Since the decision to implement these type of security devices, there has been a wide variety of responses.

Airport officials support these new security scanners, which they believe offer a stronger level of safety and comfort for travelers. With this type of security system, the airport could ensure that nothing illegal gets through the security and on to a plane. They also state that the person in charge of viewing these photographs remains removed from the crowd in a room where no one else has access to the scans, which are deleted immediately after being looked at. However, critics state that these x-rays are too invasive and violate a person’s right to privacy. These x-ray photographs are extremely detailed and in the hands of complete strangers leaving passengers feel uneasy.

Since this latest breach of security, critics are preaching more than ever about the reasons airports should not employ these x-ray systems. As initial steps in damage control, the male security guard who took these secret photos has received a formal harassment charge and may even be fired. His lapse in judgment is forcing airports to come up with a training program where employees learn the proper behavior to employ while looking at the scans to ensure that travelers feel safe and comfortable with these heightened security measures.

As far as our travelers are concerned, passengers must come to terms with either invasive searches or heightened security as they embark on their trips and vacations.

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