The World’s Hottest BBQ, in Iceland

Travel News — By Lauren Quinn on April 12, 2010 at 1:00 pm

Icelandic tourism is hot right now. And apparently, so is its culinary scene.

The recent eruption of Fimmvorduhals volcano got one local chef thinking: BBQ. Why bother with charcoal and gas grills when Mother Nature is providing the hottest pressure cooker around?

Fridgeir Eiriksso, head chef at Reykjavik’s Holt hotel, and three colleagues grabbed some welder masks, gloves and pots and pans, hopped into a 4WD and headed up the smoldering volcano, looking for a crater to cook in. They made soup, lobster, monkfish and shallots for an equally intrepid couple who dined on white linen and a red carpet, a meal complete with champagne and one seriously breath-taking view. Talk about sparks flying.

Mother Nature seems to be all about helping Iceland recover these days. With tourism already booming, Europeans lured by a favorable exchange rate and exotic landscapes, the eruption of the Fimmvorduhals volcano last month drew travelers to a previously under-visited corner of the country. Industrious locals were quick to usher tourists to the see the fireworks on everything from helicopters to motor bikes. But feed tourists too? Someone had to do it.

The personalized meal was enjoyed by Sverrir Thor Hakonarson and Gudrun Thorgeirsdottir, who arrived by helicopter and dined al fresco. The two paid around  £650 to dine at the literally hottest new tourist sight in Iceland.

While Chef Eiriksso declared the volcano BBQ experiment a success, no repeat meal is planned for now. Which means you might want to bring some of that famous Icelandic hákarl with you. Is that a hint of molten lava we taste?

[Image: Daily Mail]

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