Thirteen Year Old Californian Attempts Everest

Travel News — By Jules Auger on April 12, 2010 at 5:35 pm

Reaching new heights in everything we do is not uncommon human behavior – a promotion, a new car, a big house, these are all things to mark accomplishments that we undertake and succeed in. However, not everyone’s idea of accomplishment comes with material possession.

Thirteen year old Californian Jordan Romero is reaching new heights himself. The Big Bear native has climbed the highest mountains on six of the world’s seven continents. He left for Nepal this past Sunday, April 11th to face his ‘biggest’ challenge yet – being the youngest person to climb Everest,  the highest mountain in the world.

Image: mckaySavage/Flickr

The yet-unbroken record is still in the hands of Temba Tsheri, a man from Nepal who reached its peak when he was just sixteen years old. Romero plans to have the title this summer, and he does not lack in preparation for the feat.

Reportedly inspired by a painting of the world’s seven highest summits, he has climbed the six other highest mountains in each of the other continents with father Paul and stepmother Karen. For several months, Jordan has prepared for the endeavor, one that will test the extent of his skills.

Mount Everest has long been a symbol of might and power, and many speak of ‘conquering’ its tremendous presence in the Asian continent. Not many can say that they have scaled its impressive heights and come back to tell the tale, yet Jordan Romero feels that he is quite well prepared for the event.

He recognizes the unpredictability and difficulty of climbing the mountain and accepts that this may be the first of many attempts. The weather on Everest has often been the downfall of many who have wished to reach its peak.

Since Sunday, Jordan has been in transit to the Chinese side of the mountain, and will begin his climb within the next few days. From our low-altitude offices and homes, we can only wish him luck and keep ourselves posted on his latest journey to the closest place we know to the heavens.

To read about Jordan Romero and his previous climbing adventures, as well as the one on which he now embarks, visit, where he will update from Nepal over the next few days.


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