Teen Environmentalist Spends Spring Break At North Pole

Eco-Travel, Travel News — By David Chalk on April 14, 2010 at 4:14 pm

Saturday, 15-year-old Parker Liautaud reached the North Pole and became the first person at the top of the world to check in with Foursquare, a GPS-based social media cell phone app.  (Santa for some reason refuses to get an iPhone.)  Liautaud had also attempted to become the youngest person ever to ski to the pole; however, according to his twitter updates, “insurmountable conditions” forced the teen to give up his skis and take a helicopter instead.

According to both twitter and his Facebook page, Liautaud was not bummed out about not being able to make it to the North Pole on skis:

The expedition wasn’t a failure. We have achieved what we set out to do, which is get you guys involved.

Liautaud, who was born in California and attends an elite prep school in England, planned his epic spring break as a way to teach us “a few things about the environment.” The trip and presumably the large social media presence is sponsored by General Electric.  There’s even a YouTube contest:

How are you reducing your carbon footprint? Make a short YouTube video about your effort and how countries can learn from your good example. Select videos will be shown at the UN conference in Bonn, Germany. We’ll give you the stage, you give us the message.

Did we mention Liautaud has his own YouTube channel?  Whether you’re considering skiing to the North Pole or you’re just curious, here’s videos of how he packed and how he trained for his attempt:



[Image: NewsTimes]

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