CNN Asks: How Far Can You Stretch Your $10 Around the World?

Travel News — By G. Taubman on April 22, 2010 at 11:26 am

CNN released an informal study earlier this month giving some interesting figures on what $10 will buy you around the world. The news service asked its net-based community of iReporters to go out around their local areas and see what they could get for a Hamilton (or, you know, the equivalent cultural figure on their local currency). Here’s a sampling of five of the more interesting results from across the country and the globe:

Food for Five (Bhutan)

One shopper took her $10 to the farmers’ market in Thimphu, the capital of this tiny Himalayan kingdom, and returned with enough fresh vegetables to feed her family of 5 for a week.

Centenary Farmers Market, Thimphu, Bhutan (Foley/Flickr)

Giants in the Sky (USA)

Not content to feed his family for a mere week, one Wisconsin shopper showed some foresight by purchasing eight packs of seeds including green beans, carrots and tomatoes. If he grows a big enough beanstalk in his yard, he may even come back with some golden eggs to boot!

Textile Heaven (Taiwan)

A Taiwanese man managed to stretch his investment to 24 brand new pairs of socks and 10 neckties. If he’s anything like me, I can only assume that he was looking to put off laundry day for another few days…or dabbling in bohemian fashion trends.

Punched The Face (USA)

One New York-based reporter went to few dollar stores and mustered up an electric shock gag pen, a strand of rubber snot and a manual air horn…and all that only on $6. That’s an immeasurable savings when you factor in his hospital bills he’ll receive for testing his new acquisitions on unsuspecting New Yorkers.

Good Karma (USA)

A New Haven shopper spent her $10 on two of Subway’s ubiquitous five-dollar footlong subs, only to turn around and offer them to a pair of local homeless men. Meatballs that warm your heart and soul…priceless.

If you want to see how other people spent their $10, check out (

Photos:, Michael Foley Photography / Flickr,

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