Many Brits Think Haggis Is An Animal; Scots Want It Delivered

Food Lovers, UK — By David Chalk on April 28, 2010 at 10:34 am

Hey NileGuide Food Lovers, time to play are you smarter than the average British takeaway survey respondent!  What is Haggis?

  1. a hill top dwelling animal
  2. a Scottish musical instrument
  3. a character from Harry Potter
  4. a traditional Scottish dish made from the lung, liver and heart of a sheep

According to a survey of 1,623 Brits and 781 Scots commissioned by British online takeaway ordering website, 41% of Brits responded incorrectly, as did 14% of Scots.  Nearly a fifth of Brits (18%) thought haggis was an animal, nearly as many (14%) thought it was an instrument, and 4% were probably thinking of the character Hagrid.  So if you answered #4, we’re very proud of you.

The survey also found that 68% of Scots would like to see haggis delivered to their door as an online takeaway option.  Researched also found that another Scottish delicacy, the battered Mars bar, was more well known in Britain, and that 59% of Brits would like to see them more widely available. Of those polled, 76% have eaten a battered Mars bar and an astounding 91% of those would like to see more deep fried chocolate available in takeaway restaurants.

Founded in Denmark in 2000, Just-Eat has received over 7 million meal orders and services 40,000 meals per day.  Its UK website lists 4,500 restaurants.  David Buttress, Managing Director of said,

The people of the UK are clearly really diverse when it comes to takeaway food, and often like to try all tastes and textures of food. If haggis were available for delivery, I feel confident that the dish would get a much better reputation as people realised it tastes great. We are in Glasgow spreading the word that ordering takeaway online is the smarter option, and we thought it’d be interesting to see just how much people know about haggis across the UK. It turns out not a lot but everyone seems open minded!

Two years ago in New York, Scotland’s tourism board gave away free haggis from a midtown street cart for two days.  This reporter thought long and hard about dropping by to try it, but thought that haggis was made of sheep’s brains and was too sheepish to go through with it.  But maybe a similar cart in London would help educate Scotland’s neighbors.

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  • Rachel Greenberg says:

    That anthropomorphic lung/liver with the jaunty Scottish cap is really a little freaky.

  • Zanni says:

    Im sorry but all those by-products cant be good with only pepper, salt and an onion for seasoning….blech


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