Kim Kardashian Denies Causing First Class Stink

Celebrity Travel, Travel News — By David Chalk on May 2, 2010 at 6:19 pm

How often do you think the Huffington Post quotes the National Enquirer?  Well, when the National Enquirer runs a story about reality TV vixen Kim Kardashian boarding a flight at LAX “with a giant burrito that smelled more like a giant burro” and stunk up first class for over 30 minutes, and then Kardarshian issues a denial of the story on her official website, the story simply must be told.

Kardashian calls the Enquirer story “by far the funniest story I’ve ever read!” You be the judge:

Kardashian’s denial:

First of all, I absolutely hate burritos! Secondly, I have never brought Mexican food on a plane. This never happened and these quotes made me laugh so much… This is just hysterical!

So does Kardashian really have a great appreciation for the artistry of a tabloid journalist?  Or doth the lady protest too much?

Past National Enquirer Kim Kardashian stories:

[Images: Kim Kardashian]

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