Going Green in Opulent Style: The First Carbon-Neutral Yacht

Eco-Travel — By John Curran on May 17, 2010 at 2:25 pm

In the world of boating and aviation, price really isn’t an object when it comes to fuel. Considering that rates are measured in gallons consumed per hour, most enthusiasts have to fork over a hefty sum to take their craft out each trip.

Callender Yachts is attempting, maybe not to reduce the price tag for their luxury vessels, but to at least make cruising a more environmentally friendly affair with its Soliloquy 58 meter yacht. Helping to reduce the emissions footprint with a variety of solar and wind-powered systems. In fact the sails themselves are covered in photovoltaic materials.

It doesn’t come cheap, at more than $58 million dollars, but the net benefit for the super-rich is that they can own what is claimed to be the first “carbon-neutral” yacht, reports the Guardian. That’s a significant upgrade when one considers that the normal burn rate for a yacht the size of the Soliloquy is about 530 gallons per hour.

Amenities inside will also be more green than Callender’s competitors, with the interior being covered in recycled leather and wood and fabric from sustainable sources, the company notes.

While the Soliloquy might only reach about 200 customers, the technology it showcases continues to find itself in other applications, such as ferries in Asia. It could lead to more mainstream transportation options that offer a greener footprint.

[Image: Callender Designs]

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