Japanese Couple First To Be Married By Robot

Tokyo, Travel News — By Jules Auger on May 18, 2010 at 10:30 am

Ah, technology. You cook our food, you operate our cities, and now, willing couples are even able to get married in a ceremony conducted by a robot. And that’s just what Japanese couple Tomohiro Shibata and Satoko Inouye did at a Tokyo restaurant on Sunday, May 16th.

The four-foot tall robot dubbed the I-Fairy presided over the couple’s wedding, and is the first instance of a marriage conducted by a non-living entity. Connected to a series of cables that snaked behind a black curtain, the robot was controlled by a man who operated the machine and cued it to speak a series of pre-recorded phrases that would lead the couple into holy matrimony.

Reportedly brought together by robots, the couple was said to have met in their natural fields of expertise – the robotics industry, making it only suitable that they would be forever joined by one of the things they choose to specialize in.

The Japanese robotics industry has advanced considerably in the past decade, and this technology is one that has growing promise when it comes to household tasks and industrial labor. Despite its limited practicality, this ritual was a show of increased interest in the robotics trade, one that could be setting the stepping stones for a world populated by the programmed machines.

The language barrier aside, this ZeeNews video showcases the ceremony, complete with footage of the I-Fairy in action.

Japanese Couple Married By Robot

This only leaves one question in mind – will an entirely new robot be designed should this particular couple request a divorce, or will I-Fairy simply don a suit and a briefcase to represent each partner in court?

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[Video: ZeeNews]

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