New iPhone 4G Model Leaked In Vietnam

Gear Guide, Travel News — By Jules Auger on May 20, 2010 at 10:40 am

As members of a technology-centric society, it’s far from uncommon to obsess and rave about the newest additions to our electronic arsenal. With the release of Apple’s hugely successful iPhone came a digital revolution, one that captivated the public with the newfound accessibility that came with the powerful multi-media device.

With any market-changing product comes a strict code of secrecy and enforced policies that keep any new stock away from prying public eyes, often in an attempt to keep future technologies from being reproduced and sold for exorbitant amounts of money. Unfortunately for Apple, as most internet users will be aware of, their new iPhone 4G model has recently been leaked by the technology weblog Gizmodo.

As was without a doubt a great embarrassment for Apple, Gray Powell, an Apple software engineer, probably had a few too many and left the revolutionary prototype in a Redwood City bar, which was picked up by a stranger and eventually sold to the the weblog Gizmodo for five-thousand dollars cash, who proceeded to dissect and analyze the never-before-seen device.

Despite Apple’s legendary airtight security, it seems another model has found its way as far as Vietnam, where members of the technology site Taoviet have gotten their hands on a pre-production model of the iPhone 4G, a 16 gigabyte model that lacks any functional capabilities but still provide striking insight into the inner-workings of the new phone.

What careful observers will note are the subtle differences between the Vietnam-acquired phone and the one originally purchased by Gizmodo. Certain features remain constant, such as the smooth metallic design and the front-facing iChat camera, but the lack of screws on the bottom point towards a more finalized design. Not content with simply absorbing the new exterior, Taoviet has taken it upon themselves to crack open the phone’s shiny shell, exposing the intricate insides that could lead to a more conclusive analysis of its exact capabilities.

To more tech-savvy readers, the video and photos detailing the phone will without a doubt give iPhone users all the more reason to upgrade their current models when the 4G is released. Whether or not Apple will respond with a swift lawsuit has yet to be determined, but Taoviet should close their windows and lock their doors, though it probably won’t help protect them from Apple’s unwavering army of lawyers.

[ Image: Huffington Post]

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