Outdoor Trash Cans That Say “It’s Time To Pick Me Up!”

Eco-Travel, Travel News — By John Curran on May 20, 2010 at 8:26 am

Trash removal isn’t quite like picking up your son or daughter from an extra-curricular, but could you imagine how much easier it would be for parks maintenance crews if they could get an alert when they needed to pick up the garbage?

They can, and in 46 states there are agencies who have begun replacing the standard free-standing trash cans with solar-powered trash cans that can message a central server to say they’re full, reports Treehugger. Don’t expect to see them in your own home, not for several thousand dollars.

Where they do make perfect sense is in a city’s parks that are generally staffed by only a few maintenance people. As USA Today notes, they’re popping up in municipalities throughout the U.S. from California to Massachusetts.

It helps that federal stimulus money is being offered for any methods that will green a city’s operations. Reducing the number of trips that gas-guzzling trucks need to pick up or monitor garbage removal falls under that requirement. They also save space by using the solar power to compact the garbage.

If you want to see where they’ve been put up, and contribute to colleges or cities that are on the path to sustainability, search for BigBelly solar trash cans or go to their website.

[Image: BigBelly Solar]

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