Wine Into Vinegar: New Zealand Surplus Inspires Innovation

Food Lovers, New Zealand — By David Chalk on May 24, 2010 at 7:45 am

For the past two years, oversupply has forced New Zealand’s wine industry to dump unprecedented amounts of cheap bulk wine on to the international market.  AvoHealth, a new Tauranga food company, believes it’s found a better use for the excess vino.  Not the first to produce a white balsamic vinegar, AvoHealth prides itself on creating the world’s first white balsamic made from sauvignon blanc and extra virgin avocado oil.

Extra virgin avocado oil is the company’s bread and butter (avocado is the “Avo” in AvoHealth). The company’s website proclaims the oil is “a great tasting, natural, health food, used in exactly the same way, as the highest quality olive oils.”  Balsamic Split, AvoHealth’s new hybrid salad dressing, is just one of a line of healthy avocado products the company plans to launch in Europe.

Here’s the company’s white balsamic sales pitch:

… made with famous New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc grapes from Marlborough … blended with Extra Virgin Avocado Oil.  Promoting classic balsamic tones, this dressing sets a new standard for great tasting salads. This product is an absolute winner because it starts with just two natural ingredients; avocado and white grapes. Most importantly there is NO water. In most (competitor) balsamic dressings, water is the main ingredient.

New Zealand Winegrowers chief executive Philip Gregan said that while AvoHealth’s salad dressing was unlikely to have much of an impact on the country’s wine surplus woes, it was certainly an example of the “considerable product innovation” inspired by the surplus.  Another example was sparkling sauvignon blanc, which was recently popular.

[Image: AvoHealth]

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