Woman Travels the World with Cheese

Food Lovers, Travel News — By Molly McGonigle on June 2, 2010 at 5:52 pm

One cheese afficianado ended up on a 10-country and 15,000 mile adventure with the best travel companion – a block of cheese. Olwyn Green was visiting family and bought a 3.6kg roll of white Lancashire Crumbly for her husband’s 75th birthday. But then the unthinkable happened, the volcanic ash from Iceland disrupted all air travel for weeks. Stuck without transportation home to New Zealand, Olwyn Green also had an 8 pound friend by her side.

What did Olwyn Green do? She traveled via road and train all the way across Wales, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and finally from Denmark to Sweden. Oddly, from Sweden Green caught a flight through the United Arab Emirates to finally get back to her home of Oamaru. After such extensive travels, Olwyn Green wasn’t the most famous traveler, but everyone was interested to hear how the cheese survived!

Why all the hooplah over cheese? Well, Olwyn Green explains that this type of cheese is much nicer and less expensive than the cheese they can buy locally. And after all, since leaving the UK 32 years ago , these ex-pats still have ties to their favorite food items.

Once Green was home, the cheese got to it’s rightful owner. Green says after all of her hard work, “Jim was ecstatic when I turned up with it.”

Since both Olwyn Green’s and the cheese’s arrival home, friends have enjoyed the Lancashire crumbly but the rest has been frozen. After all of that work, that cheese will be savored and drawn out for as long as possible.

How far would you travel for cheese? I would travel very far, but maybe not as far as Olwyn Green.

[Image: British Cheese Board]

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