King of UK Holiday Camps Turns Seaside Mansion Into Luxury Hotel

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on June 16, 2010 at 7:00 am

Butlins, a household name in the UK for the ‘holiday camp’ destinations across the United Kingdom, is a name usually associated with fun family vacations and idyll, sequestered destination spots for an all-included mid-summer (or mid-winter) get-aways. Billy Butlin dreamed up the idea of a holiday camp because he wanted a place where people could vacation without having to travel too far from one vacation activity to another. Having built nine Butlins locations, the resorts offered lodgings, gaming, entertainment, and all-around good times without the vacationeer having to leave the resort.

Three Butlins locations still remain, in Minehead, Skegness, and Bognor Regis. The locations offer mostly similar accommodations, like splash pools, funfairs, entertainment venues, sports courts, convenience stores, hotels, apartments, and everything else the vacationing family’s heart desires. The resorts are to be all inclusive, and Billy Butlin earned himself a name by capitalizing on this, though still managing to keep things fun.

More recently, however, the family-fun brand has opened itself up to something a little more upper class, dailymail reports. Butlin, a man who made himself a millionaire, lived an admirable and indulgent life (what else does a millionaire do, after all?) After Butlin died in 1980, his house in Filey became somewhat of a landmark, standing out from the rest of the town’s humble atmosphere, proudly overlooking the Filey Bay, with the Bempton Cliffs and Flamborough Head just south along the shore.

The house was built at the same time as Butlin’s now defunct Filey resort, and he so admired the town that he decided to build a house there. And now it’s open to you for as little as £365 in the adjacent cabins, or as little as £640 in the main house (apartment) for the summer (though prices get as high as £1440 for a seven-night stay in August. There is no booking fee, however, and there is private beach access, private parking, a games room, HDTVs, and everything else you’d expect staying in a millionaire’s art-deco mansion.

Filey as a destination is reportedly more quaint and quiet than other holiday destinations Butlins founded, but the peace and calm might be welcome for some looking to get away and enjoy a quiet sojourn along the coast.


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