Paul McCartney Rocks the Festival, Redecorates the Inn

Celebrity Travel, Travel News, UK — By Molly McGonigle on June 23, 2010 at 10:14 am

After so many years of rock super-stardom and time spent on the road, Paul McCartney has seen his fair share of hotel rooms. It’s no wonder he comes up with ways of redecorating his temporary digs to make them feel a little more personal.

While playing last weekend at the Isle of Wight Festival, a music festival in the small town of Newport, UK, Sir McCartney did just that. Instead of spending the weekend sleeping in a cookie-cutter suite at the Premiere Inn (a lower-budget lodging where rooms typically start at £29 a night), McCartney added Moroccan drapes and a Buddha statue in an effort to transform the room and make it feel like home.

McCartney explains his hotel decorating habit:

I think… it’s like organic, you know? Many, many years ago, well I don’t know, ten years ago, I had to have a dressing room of some sort and I think candles started it and then somebody brought in a little Buddha.

Although McCartney re-did the décor at the Premiere Inn, the staff were still pretty delighted at having a living legend mixing things up at their hotel. They even added that the Moroccan style went quite well with the room’s permanent décor.

[Image source: Sander Lamme]

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