Punching-Clown-Meets-Toothbrush: a Hygienic Breakthrough

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on June 25, 2010 at 11:48 am

You know when your toothbrush lays on its side, the remaining toothpaste dries, and the brush sticks to the edge of the sink? Or, if you’re at an airport or rest-stop freshening up and you try and place the toothbrush just-so and it still falls over? And then, even though you’re grossed out, you put it back in your mouth again later? Well, wince no more (via Wired). Designers Ryan and Harc give you the DEWS Toothbrush; the toothbrush that stands up on its own.

You can read a description of the concept at their website, but the short version is : they remembered those sand-weighted, blow-up punching bags that pop right back up after you punch them and married that with a toothbrush. There isn’t much to a toothbrush besides a stick with a small brush on the end anyways, so we think it’s actually a wonder nobody has thought of this before.

The DEWS is yet to reach the market, though hopes are that its recent Red Dot Award will make the concept a reality. Ant that’s good news for all germophobes, mysophobes, hypochondriacs, and more level-headed pragmatic travelers out there. The only thing worse than having no toothbrush is having a dirty toothbrush you can’t use.

[Image: yankodesign]

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