Travel Like a Local: Sunsets in Bangkok, Istanbul, Rio, and More

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We’ve once again challenged our Local Experts to provide you, the blog peruser, with über-specific travel content, this time in the form of sunset snapshots from their destinations. The results were stunning, and we were quite frankly surprised by some of our experts’ photography skills.

Before you plan your next trip, do your homework and figure out where your chances are best for catching an epic sunset. Below you’ll find the true “shining stars” of this week’s Local Expert Challenge.


Check out this UNESCO World Heritage Site for the day and stay around to watch the sun sink behind temple chedis and ruins. And a river runs through it.


Photo taken during huge tornado storm on Wednesday, June 23.


Looking to set the mood for a romantic date? Take your love to watch the sunset from Arthur’s Seat.

Florida Keys

Sun dipping into the mangroves off of Islamorada, at Morada Bay Beach Cafe – the home of the Full Moon Party every month!

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong summer sunset over the panorama of Hong Kong Island, Victoria Peak and Victoria Harbour.


When accompanied by a glass of cool wine or well-brewed Turkish tea, it feels as if the world is yours.

Lake Tahoe

The sunsets in the high desert of Nevada and California are some of the best. They can go from tangerine orange to bubble gum pink to deep plum in the space of four minutes. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it.


Actually the very best Swiss Alpine sunsets are from my own balcony looking through the forest across the Lake of Geneva towards Evian and the French Alps, but I don’t think that you will all fit!


Sunsets in red and orange are rare in London. Let’s face it, proper sunshine is rare in London.

New Delhi

Living closer to the tropics is a whole lot of fun.


After days and days of rain, the sun finally peeked through the clouds at about 11 pm, just long enough to set, accompanied by a bright rainbow.


If you know Philadelphia, you know that a clear day with a beautiful sunset is a rarity during the summer in this city.


The view of the sunset from the top of Sugar Loaf mountain is unmissable, while taking in the view from Arpoador Rock is a wonderfully romantic way to see the sunset without spending a cent.


With the hot weather solidifying itself into the Roman evening, a rooftop aperitivo must be integrated into any stay in Rome, whether long or short.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City’s vast valley and mountainous backdrop make for some impressive sunsets.

San Diego

Though mostly overcast these past eight weeks, every few hours a sprinkling of light slips through the clouds and quickly turns everyone’s faces a shimmery gold.


At 230m from the ground, the three-storey floor-to-ceiling windows ensure you have an unparalleled view across the city.


Arches. Shot just east of Balanced Rock.

…and the rest

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