Road Tripping, the Green Way, Part 2: The Honda CR-Z

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on July 1, 2010 at 1:29 pm

Recently I posted an article highlighting thedailygreen’s list of 21 different fuel-efficient cars and SUVs, some hybrid, some not, all of which got at least 30mpg. Cars on the list – like the Toyota Prius, which costs about $22,000 and gets you around 50mpg, or the unique Smart ForTwo, which costs about $12,000 and gets around 36mpg – are definite attention-getters, and are cheap enough that they won’t break the bank.

For the romantic road-tripper looking to explore the back-roads and byways, having a steady and reliable vehicle that doesn’t eat gasoline like its last meal can make the difference between a nice relaxing vacation and pulling in overtime hours when you get home. If none of the cars or SUVs on thedailygreen’s list appeal to you, just wrote up a review of Honda’s new CR-Z Hybrid. Check out video of the car in action:


The CR-Z feels like a sports car, but thinks like a hybrid. You have the option of automatic or manual transmissions: the former will get you an average of 37mpg (city and highway combined), and the latter will get you 34mpg combined. For energy-conscious sports-car lovers looking for the feel of something like the Honda CR-X, the CR-Z is an attractive option. And starting at around $24,000, it’s still well within the range of affordability, unless you’re operating on the Bentley-scale.

Though the CR-Z is lighter and faster, the Prius still gets better gas mileage, which indicates that the design still needs some adjusting. Though still, if the CR-Z is any indication, the future is bright for sport hybrids. For example, Hyundai has caught wind of the CR-Z’s minor deficiencies, and are answering the call with their own Veloster, which is expected to get closer to 40mpg and to be more affordable than the CR-Z.

For the eco-conscious driver, all development is good development and competition can be a good thing. So if and when you get the perfect car for your next road trip, plug in your music and hit the road.

[Image: allworldcars]

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