Mother and Daughter Team Up to Ride Bikes across America for the Environment

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on July 6, 2010 at 3:12 pm

For a lot of people and organizations, “going green” is nothing more than a badge to brandish for popularity or publicity. There are those, however, who already live a sustainable lifestyle without particularly aiming to do so. They ride their bikes; they don’t buy what they don’t need; they don’t own cars; and they’ll continue to do so even after the green trend passes.

Of course, hopes are that “green” becomes less a trend and more a way of life. We don’t need as much as we think we do, and it is our indulgent habits that have forced us to make decisions that will impact the environment we live in for generations to come. That’s why it’s admirable when people set aside their time to make a difference within their communities. Take, for example, the Indiana team of Dr. Helen Steussy and her daughter Al, who have put their pedals where there mouths are.

They’re riding their bikes from Oregon to New Hampshire, and after fifty days they will have covered 3,630 miles. Of course, thousands of other people are riding across America as well, most of them independent and under the radar, but it doesn’t hurt to broadcast one’s efforts and redirect the good vibes to a good cause. In the Steussys’ case, they’re raising money (tax deductible, even) here at their website, and splitting the proceeds between localized land-trusts, the Land Trust Alliance, and Red-Tail Conservancy, a land-preservation organization.

Helen Steussy is an anatomic pathologist active in her community. You can view her advocacy of the “Benefits of Trails and Greenways” in her county here, which is an admirable testament to her and her daughter’s commitment to living greener.

You can also follow the team at their blog or follow Helen directly on Twitter. Wish them luck and health on their trip, and if you feel so inclined, donate too. Land preserved and wildlife saved is good for everyone – a lot like cycling is.

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