Smokers, Speedos, And The Deep Blue Sea – 2010 Beach Etiquette

Travel News — By Jules Auger on July 6, 2010 at 1:56 pm

Ah, etiquette. The unspoken rules that automatically apply to every member of a society, the glue that keeps us in line and in check. We learned it at the dinner table as children, and now we may need to get up to speed on the rules that will apply to us this summer as we pack our bags, fuel our cars and head off to the land of sandy beaches, hot sun, and crystal-blue water as far as the eye can see.

To many voyagers during these summer months, the beach is a place to relax, let loose and forget about life’s worries. However, this doesn’t mean we should get sloppy. Behaving well at the beach is apparently just as important as it is at a high class restaurant. The results are in from TripAdvisor’s poll ranking the top most annoying beach activities that some of us are bound to be guilty of this season.

According to the etiquette poll, the three most common violations are in regard to music, urination, and hogging of beach chairs. Blasting music either on the beach or by the pool was voted the “most annoying” behavior one can partake in, and has consistently been ranked one of the most obnoxious things to do in the years the poll has been held.

Interestingly enough, smoking cigarettes on the beach or by the pool did not rank as a violation of beachside etiquette, despite the fact that smokers are increasingly shunned by places that attract children and their families. People who never fail to draw criticism, however, are the men who choose to wear as little fabric as possible on the beach, sporting Speedos. Despite Speedos’ usefulness in an Olympic pool, over 35 percent of poll-takers felt that the aerodynamic effect of the suit was lost when the wearer is lounging on a beach chair.

Also making an appearance in this year’s poll as major annoyances when on a beach vacation is the presence of children, topless women, and the ever-continuing presence of poolside alcoholic beverages. If you’re headed to the beach this summer, checking out TripAdvisor’s poll results will without a doubt make you the most educated of beach-goers, as well as a respectable member of this summer’s beach society.

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