Kodak’s Playsport Zx3 Hits the Market, Stays Intact

Travel News — By Jules Auger on July 7, 2010 at 3:46 pm

Although the click of a projector moving to the next slide may evoke some nostalgia, there’s no question that bright, crisp, high-definition video is the most effective and enjoyable way to re-live life’s adventures. Poring over one’s long-lost Kodak moments is now remarkably easy, requiring little to no knowledge of electronics for the less technologically inclined.

Taking video footage as a souvenir of a particularly thrilling excursion is not the expensive and laborious feat it used to be – Pure Digital’s Flip Video Camcorder made taking a video home along with a collection of exotic trinkets accessible to a wide audience, and opened up the market for cheaper, more efficient alternatives to bulky video recorders. Now, Kodak is introducing a device, the Kodak Playsport Zx3, that they believe finds a healthy balance between the practicality of a portable camcorder and it’s many features, all while appealing to those who appreciate the technology behind such intricate devices.

The image of a hiker holding his or her camera high over head while crossing a river is not one that will be captured by this particular video recorder, however, and for a good reason. The device is well sealed, allowing it to be used in wet conditions, and it can even be submerged up to ten feet. Along with technological practicality comes rugged durability not often expected from electronics, and making it useful to those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty opens up a whole new target audience for companies like Kodak. The camcorder also survives considerable impacts, making the only consequence of a nasty fall a trip to the doctor, and not to Radioshack with receipt in hand.

HD video is also a feature that is not to be missed, and despite being relatively standard among today’s camcorders, the Playsport Zx3’s size is what makes the video quality so outstanding. At $149, Kodak offers a unique device that fulfills many of the functions required by the average traveler, without the headaches that often result from high-end electronics. For those interested, Kodak’s page for the device offers more detailed information on many of its features, as well as advanced technical specs and customer reviews.

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