Traveling With Your Pet – Don’t Get Lost!

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on July 7, 2010 at 10:31 am

Delta misplacing a dog that one of their passengers had adopted in Mexico and intended to bring back to America was bad enough. Responding by monetizing the loss, and offering the dogless owner a $200 flight voucher was just a slap in the face. The story was tragic in its own way, but undoubtedly not that rare of an occurrence.

TravelingGreener just posted a list of five tips for you to remember when traveling with a pet, which they originally drew from the American Society of Travel Agents. Some of the things on the list seem to be fairly common sense, but sometimes we have a tendency to take out pets for granted and forget that they’re individuals in their own right. Pets need proper preparation and papers for their trip, just like anybody else.

Before traveling with your pet, Traveling Greener suggests you see the vet first. Some animals are more frail than others, and the stress of being in a new place or the plane cabin’s undulating air pressure can wreak havoc on your companion’s health. And, to avoid having your pet misplaced, make sure they have an ID collar. Label the cage or kennel too, for even better security.

Some airlines make it easier to travel with pets than others. Trips With Pets has a lot of information broken down for you, so you can find the best pet-friendly airlines and hotels and make sure that when you get to your destination, there’s a room for your pooch. Planning your trip appropriately important when traveling with your pet. PetTravel also has a list of air-travel pet regulations.

You should make sure your pet is up to date with his or her vaccines. New and different places mean new and different interactions, and some animals may not be as healthy as others. Travel safe and make sure your pet is vaccinated.

Finally, even if you’re driving instead of flying, make sure your animal will be okay in the car. Like people, some animals can get car sick, which can make the trip unpleasant for both you and them. There are animal motion-sickness pills and other aids to make the trip easier for you and your buddy. Check out all of the resources and be conscientious when traveling with your pet. Some animals love to move, others are content to stay at home.


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