How to Travel from a Briefcase or Oversized Handbag

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You get a call: six hours away, a relative is in the hospital and you need to get there as fast as you can, just in case. You throw some toiletries, travel information, a couple pairs of underwear, pants and a nice top in your bag. In ten minutes tops, you’re out the door – with an exceedingly small bag.

It’s not meant to be a depressing exercise in minimalism, but rather an effort to strip away the fluff and only bring what you think you need on your trip. In fact, men and women should be able to pack for vacations up to four or five days long simply by filling a medium sized shopping bag.

How? One designer told PBPulse that she could go to the beach on just four clothing items: dress, sarong, bathing suit and wrap. Wear a medium dressy pair of shoes on the flight, add toiletries, rinse and repeat. Dresses that have removable straps or can be dressed up with accessories should be a staple on trips to less tropical locales.

For guys, it’s even easier. Slacks and your suit pants, plus two shirts with different designs all go into a carry-on. Wear a dark pair of jeans, a third dress shirt and your suit jacket to the airport. Unless you have specific needs, rely on hotel courtesy packs for common toiletries.

Either way, pack a bag half the size you thought you would need for the trip. If items don’t fit, ask if you really need them. After all, you can always buy, swap or borrow what you need once you’re on location.

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