Around the Web: Turkish Buses, Adventurous Wine, Air Travel Explained

Around the Web — By Amy Widdowson on July 16, 2010 at 10:11 am

Happy Friday, y’all! Are you enjoying this fine July Day? Do you have any crazy plans for the weekend? Did I mention, you look great in that Madras print? No, really, it fits in perfectly wherever you are. It’s not awkward at all…

  • Thanks go out to Broke-Ass Stuart, who illuminates the best places to pick up tourists in San Francisco – I smell a trend piece! Language slightly NSFW [Broke-Ass Stuart]
  • Since we’re in a sassy mood, I think you need to read this Cracked guide to Air Travel. Again, NSFW language. We warned you. We also, however, will credit for any guffaws / headslaps that may emanate from your cubicle. [Cracked]
  • Mike Barish returned from a trip to Turkey and wrote up a comparison between Greyhound and the Turkish Long Haul service he took from Bursa to Selcuk. Basically, Turkish buses kick American bus tush, as the Turkish buses have tea and wifi. Meanwhile, some NG employees did their best to avoid making eye contact on the 19 Bus in San Francisco. [Gadling]
  • Our own Victoria wrote up her guide to really yummy Summer wines this week, and now there are twelve reasons to remove your head from the Chardonnay section and be adventurous! [Ed. note: Is it Happy Hour yet?] [New York Times]
  • Yarrrr – shipwrecks in the Great Lakes! [Matador Sports]
  • When there something strange in your neighborhood, call Improv Everywhere.



Eternal thanks to our intrepid Rachel for her ability to find cool stuff.

Image courtesy of Telstar Logistics, found in the NileGuide Flickr Group

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