Cliffs, Canyons, and Ice: Adventure Tourism in Canada

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on July 16, 2010 at 1:28 pm

Recently, George Washington University’s Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management released the 2009 Adventure Tourism Development Index, a comprehensive list of the best places on Earth to visit for adventure travel. You can read NileGuide’s write-up of the ADTI here. It’s an extensive list, cataloging statistics, research, and tourism possibilities from nearly two-hundred different countries.

Canada scored extremely high on the list, and is perceived as both safe and welcoming to visitors. Philippe Duverger, director of research for the ATDI, says that adventure travel makes up for 20% of all tourism, and that that number will continue to grow, making finding ideal locations for adventure travel an important venture.

Different countries have different adventures on offer, but with Canada’s safe and welcoming atmosphere, it’s a good start for the aspiring adventure tourist. Canada has a high diversity of┬ánatural resources and open spaces, as well as extensive wildlife, rivers, arctic wilderness, and great spots for climbing, canyoning, and caving.

There are a bunch of different tourism organizations to help you book the trip that’s best for your on your next visit to Canada. So, if you feel inspired, try something new and exciting, and get out into the wild.

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