Enjoy a Vacation With the Whole Family, Pets Included

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on July 23, 2010 at 10:00 am

Sometimes it can be hard to leave certain things behind when you go on vacation. Your favorite t-shirt, your best pair of shoes, your travelers checks, and in some cases, your pets (or dogs, anyway – since cats don’t make good travel buddies, and neither do hedgehogs). For some families, a dog is just as important a member of the family as anyone else, and the best vacations are those enjoyed by everyone.

Considering this, DogFriendly.com recently announced their list declaring the ten best dog-friendly places to visit in America with you, your family, and your dog. Your dog might not know exactly where he or she is, but if you stop by any of the places on this list, the family pup should enjoy itself as much as you. And the destinations, aside from offering their canine accommodations, have plenty of offerings for the human hosts just as well.

For example, via TravelingGreener, you have Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Plenty of Atlantic beaches, parks and forests on Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, and a lot of pet-friendly places to stay. Or, if the Midwest is more your speed, the Black Hills in South Dakota, with their extensive campsites, pet-friendly museums, and the infamous Badlands National Park will be exactly what you and your dog need. Maybe you can even feed your dog some of your Buffalo Burger scraps after you stop to eat at the roadside attraction Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota. Also on the list are Virginia City, Nevada, Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, and Monterey, California with great outdoor spaces and variety of pet-friendly accommodations that make a trip with your family dog pretty easy.

There is also luxury pet travel, if you and your pet are interested in a more upscale holiday adventure. But for the everyday travelers among us, people and pets included, a simple vacation may be all you need. Remember, there are some important tips to remember when you’re traveling with your pet, drawn up by the good people at the American Society of Travel Agents. While traveling with your pet is a great way to go, it’s also important to keep your pet’s safety in mind because, unfortunately, mistakes do happen.

Ultimately, anywhere with big, open spaces and lots of places for your dog to run and play will be good for you and your dog. PetFriendlyTravel is one of the many sources you can use to help book your next trip, and they have a lot of lists for hotels and campsites to help you this summer as you plan for your vacation – the summer isn’t over yet!

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