Jaws Drop As Taiwanese Burgers Grow Larger

Travel News — By Jules Auger on July 26, 2010 at 10:00 am

If the thought of fast food stirs a range of emotions within you, then this article will certainly add to it.  While many people are coming to terms with the fact that fast food is killing us one deep-fried chicken breast at a time, there is a new worry on the horizon: we may actually physically injuring ourselves in our attempts to eat more and more food in one sitting. In what is possibly the most bizarre fast food-related medical mishap yet, more and more Taiwanese doctors are reporting overextended jaws as a result of people attempting to eat burgers that are too large for their mouths.

In a “jaw-dropping” new report, Taiwanese restaurants and fast-food chains have been facing pressure from dentists across the country as more and more patients complain about damage to their mandibles following attempts to eat burgers of disproportional size. Dentists explained that the human jaw is optimized to eat food measuring up to 4 centimeters in height, but that a local trend of stacking burgers taller and taller has led customers toward stuffing down burgers of up to 8 centimeters in vertical length.

In doing so, loyal customers may be over-extending their jaws, even causing permanent damage to the temporal bone in front of the ears. Some of the injuries sustained went so far as to prevent some of the afflicted from being able to open their mouths. Whether or not those who injured themselves trying to get that juicy mouthful will ever touch a burger again will be determined once they can move their jaw enough to tell the press conference present at what could be the most embarrassing hospital discharge ever.

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